Like You Just Stepped Out Of The Salon…eSalon

At 24 I spotted my first gray hair.  It was a sad day.  I plucked it from my head and despite the legend (more grays sprouting feverishly to take its place) I remained relatively gray free for quite some time.  Over the last couple of years however, the gray hairs have started to emerge fast and furious. I wish I could say it was a sign of wisdom or something I was willing to embrace.  I’m not much wiser and I’m certainly not a fan of these wiry grays.

Finding time to go to the hair salon was always a challenge. Though I did find an amazing person to come to my home and color my hair I was more than intrigued when my good friend told me she colored her own hair.  The only experience I had was the night before a family trip back East as a child when my older sister decided to color her own hair and ended up with orange hair.  Needless to say I was scared.

My friend invited me over to color my hair with her.  We have the same color hair and she had an extra mixing bowl and brush.  It was quick, easy, convenient, and much cheaper to do it myself – I was hooked.  The only challenge I faced was mixing the color. Were my ratios equal?

I don’t remember what daily email I was reading when I saw an ad for eSalon. I know can you believe it I clicked on a display ad?  I found the eSalon site easy to use and the idea of getting a package in the mail was another benefit (self confessed Amazon Prime addict over here).  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Would the color be right, would I end up with orange hair?

The package arrived a few days later.  I was impressed. I loved how it was customized for me (see picture below) with my own set of instructions.  I was eager to try it out.  I was happy with the results but I will say the gray coverage was not that great. I emailed the customer service. They asked me to upload a photo in natural light.  They took my input and for my next order the formulation was perfect.  I’ve used it 3 more times since and each time I’ve been more than satisfied.

So if you have some unwanted grays and use a single process color you may want to give this a try.


The Man Who Saved My Wedding

No my wedding wasn’t in that kind of trouble. I was in trouble. Days leading up to my wedding my back froze. I was in serious pain.  I was desperate for relief.  I was willing to try anything and so I did.  I went to see Suk Woon Hahm, the blind master of shiatsu.  In fact, I let Dr. Hahm perform acupuncture on me.  I know right…Only in LA would one go see a blind man for acupuncture.   Those hands saved me.  This week I’ve been in massive amounts of pain. I’ve had massages and gone to the chiropractor but nothing has provided me any relief.  My mom (of course it was my mom) said I should go see Dr. Hahm.  This morning at 9am I breezed over to West Hollywood (no traffic on Sunday morning).  Ahhhh…I forgot the power of the Hahm.  He did acupuncture on me first and then performed the most amazing shiatsu massage. He was really able to get in to all my pain points and without torturing me begin to work them out of my body.  I’m going back to him tomorrow and I’m sure that after another hour I will be well on my way to recovery.

I’m annoyed I waited so long for relief.  I promise there is nobody better in the business.  If you have any neck, back, shoulder pain, etc go see Dr. Hahm.

Located on 3rd Street across from The Beverly Connection.

Pretzels at The Bar….Method that is

I know you’ve been doing Bar classes for years now.  I could never get my head around spending a hour  doing something where I wasn’t dripping with sweat.  Cardio was my mantra for years.   I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you sooner when you told me how amazing Bar Method is.  Well amazing may not be the right word, but I can see why you were hooked.  Holy sh&T that is one tough workout.  I’ve been going once a week for the last 3 months (well that is what I’ve been trying to do).    I’m fairly certain I’m always the worst in the class.  I have zero flexibility so things like getting my leg  up on the bar pose a bit of a challenge.   That being said, I don’t care and I’m certain nobody else in the room cares either.  We are all too busy “pushing our limits” and “experiencing the shake.”  I  kid you not, at time it feels like I’m my own earthquake but they say that is “when the change really starts to happen.”  Oh and there are pretzels at the Bar but you don’t eat them.  Instead, I think they eat your fat away.

Bottom line is I get it, I understand why people hit the Bar. In fact,  I wish I could do a 30 day Bar challenge as I truly believe I would see changes in my body.

You can find me at Bar Method Brentwood @ 6:10am on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

So cheers! Take a shot at the Bar.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.27.05 PM



Super Fly(wheel)

I’ve been in NYC for an eternity. Okay only since Sunday but I swear one day in NY feels like 3 days to me.  I was busy with work so sorry to my friends in NYC if I didn’t reach out.  I’ll be back.  Anyhow, I had lofty ambitions outside of work. I was going to try and different workout every day.  #Fail

However, tonight on my last night, I made it to Flywheel.  It was awesome.  There are 2 Flywheel locations in LA (West Hollywood and Larchmont) but I’ve never been.  Flywheel is indoor cycling but in my opinion it is vastly different from SoulCycle and I firmly believe you can like both.

Here is what I loved about Flywheel:

– I got super sweaty (sweat is fat crying)

– It was over in 45 minutes

– Accountability – Each bike has a little computer that measures your resistance and speed (no more cheating and pretending to put on a full turn)

– Torq Boards – You can choose to have your performance display on leaderboards in class so you can see how you rank against other riders. This was super motivating as I wanted to be first.

– Performance metrics provided in your own private account (snapshot from my account below)

Looks like I’ll be heading East of the 405 more often