The Man Who Saved My Wedding

No my wedding wasn’t in that kind of trouble. I was in trouble. Days leading up to my wedding my back froze. I was in serious pain.  I was desperate for relief.  I was willing to try anything and so I did.  I went to see Suk Woon Hahm, the blind master of shiatsu.  In fact, I let Dr. Hahm perform acupuncture on me.  I know right…Only in LA would one go see a blind man for acupuncture.   Those hands saved me.  This week I’ve been in massive amounts of pain. I’ve had massages and gone to the chiropractor but nothing has provided me any relief.  My mom (of course it was my mom) said I should go see Dr. Hahm.  This morning at 9am I breezed over to West Hollywood (no traffic on Sunday morning).  Ahhhh…I forgot the power of the Hahm.  He did acupuncture on me first and then performed the most amazing shiatsu massage. He was really able to get in to all my pain points and without torturing me begin to work them out of my body.  I’m going back to him tomorrow and I’m sure that after another hour I will be well on my way to recovery.

I’m annoyed I waited so long for relief.  I promise there is nobody better in the business.  If you have any neck, back, shoulder pain, etc go see Dr. Hahm.

Located on 3rd Street across from The Beverly Connection.