Want To Laugh?

No, I’m not going to make you laugh but I can tell you where to go if you want a good laugh: UCB Theater.

Many a Saturday nights we head to Hollywood to catch the 7pm Sentimental Lady: Guilty Pleasures Show at UCB Theater. Tickets are $5 a piece and you have to reserve them in advance (it always sells out). I’ve seen a number of shows at UCB Theater but Sentimental Lady is far and away my favorite.

The show is divided into two parts. During the first part the team asks someone in the audience to share a guilty pleasure, questions them about the pleasure, and then performs a series of scenes all tied to what the audience member has shared. I am so impressed with how the team members can remember all of the little details and bring them out with perfect timing.  

The second half is based on an audience response to the question, name something you used to be into that you are not into any more.  The second half is great but the first half is always my favorite. I love the interaction between the team and the audience member sharing his/her guilty pleasure. Again, this is Improv so no material exists before the show starts. Read: the people performing are smart and incredibly quick.

While UCB isn’t a fitness class or the latest food (like most of my posts) I will tell you that you might have sore abs from laughing so hard.  And speaking of food you should eat the amazing crispy brussels sprout leaves at La Poubellle after.