Like You Just Stepped Out Of The Salon…eSalon

At 24 I spotted my first gray hair.  It was a sad day.  I plucked it from my head and despite the legend (more grays sprouting feverishly to take its place) I remained relatively gray free for quite some time.  Over the last couple of years however, the gray hairs have started to emerge fast and furious. I wish I could say it was a sign of wisdom or something I was willing to embrace.  I’m not much wiser and I’m certainly not a fan of these wiry grays.

Finding time to go to the hair salon was always a challenge. Though I did find an amazing person to come to my home and color my hair I was more than intrigued when my good friend told me she colored her own hair.  The only experience I had was the night before a family trip back East as a child when my older sister decided to color her own hair and ended up with orange hair.  Needless to say I was scared.

My friend invited me over to color my hair with her.  We have the same color hair and she had an extra mixing bowl and brush.  It was quick, easy, convenient, and much cheaper to do it myself – I was hooked.  The only challenge I faced was mixing the color. Were my ratios equal?

I don’t remember what daily email I was reading when I saw an ad for eSalon. I know can you believe it I clicked on a display ad?  I found the eSalon site easy to use and the idea of getting a package in the mail was another benefit (self confessed Amazon Prime addict over here).  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Would the color be right, would I end up with orange hair?

The package arrived a few days later.  I was impressed. I loved how it was customized for me (see picture below) with my own set of instructions.  I was eager to try it out.  I was happy with the results but I will say the gray coverage was not that great. I emailed the customer service. They asked me to upload a photo in natural light.  They took my input and for my next order the formulation was perfect.  I’ve used it 3 more times since and each time I’ve been more than satisfied.

So if you have some unwanted grays and use a single process color you may want to give this a try.