A Wise Person Told Me Go To Sage

I don’t care if you aren’t vegan. Go to Sage, a plant based bistro in Culver City. Since going there to celebrate my birthday a week ago I can’t stop thinking about my next visit. Everything I tried was beyond delicious. It’s one of those places where I found myself wanting everything on the menu. Now, if only they would open in Pacific Palisades or Santa Monica.

Photo from http://instagram.com/p/ravnPgC0JI/?modal=true

I Never Had a Bartending Job

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.07.54 PMbut I can pour the most delicious cocktail ever. Good news… you can too.  One of my dear friends from college together with her sister launched Austin Cocktails a line of Artisanal, low-calorie cocktails made with six times distilled vodka, organic agave & natural fruits and juices.  You may not have heard of them yet, but just remember I told you about it way back when.  I have a feeling Austin Cocktails is going to explode.  Currently there are four flavors to choose from – Cucumber Vodka Mojito, Tea Twister, Paradise Found, and Vodkarita. If you ask me to pick a favorite, I can’t. They are all delicious so it really comes down to the mood I’m in. Oh, and when I want to be a show-off, I channel Sandra Lee, cut up some cucumber or lime slices grab a few sprigs of fresh mint and dress up the drinks.  If I was Pinterest perfect I might find the perfect tumbler or Mason jars and then take a picture for you guys to see.  I’m Martha Stewart in my head until it comes to the actual execution.  Okay, I’ve digressed too far.  Bottom line is we can all use a Happy Hour or two and Austin Cocktails is the perfect drink to pour.  And whatever you do don’t think this is a “girl drink” whatever that means. My husband and all the other men that have tried it in my presence love it.  Do yourself a favor and try Austin Cocktails then please let me know what you think.