If You Are A Shopper You Better Shop Hers

Regretting those expensive shoes you bought last year but only wore once? Wishing you had the money for the Valentino flats you are desperately wanting. Check out Shop Hers.

Shop Hers is a luxury marketplace exclusively dedicated to pre-owned designer fashion. It is well curated and easy to use and navigate.

I had the pleasure of meeting CEO Jacyln and VIP Shopper Ilana this week at the Girls Lounge. Let’s just say I think I met my Style Soul Mates.

Hukk It

No, I’m not trying to tell you off. If you are not familiar with hukkster you can go ahead and thank me later.  Hukkster is a free shopping tool that tracks products online for users and notifies them via email, text message, etc, when those products go on sale or when a coupon code or promotion is applicable. (Full disclosure I copied that description word for word from Wikipedia).  You install a hukk it button on your browser just like you would a Pin it button.  I am constantly coveting new items, but I want a deal.  I hukk clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, and toys.

So get out there, start hukking. You can thank me for your savings later.  And if you have a favorite thing or want to contribute to my blog, let me know!

Some of my Hukks!

Some of my Hukks!