A Wise Person Told Me Go To Sage

I don’t care if you aren’t vegan. Go to Sage, a plant based bistro in Culver City. Since going there to celebrate my birthday a week ago I can’t stop thinking about my next visit. Everything I tried was beyond delicious. It’s one of those places where I found myself wanting everything on the menu. Now, if only they would open in Pacific Palisades or Santa Monica.

Photo from http://instagram.com/p/ravnPgC0JI/?modal=true

All Hail To The Queen

It has to be my dad’s fault. He was hairy. I’m talking full on back hair sweater style.  I DETEST my own body hair.  Laser, electrolysis, waxing, planing, you name it, I’ve done it, do, tried it, or want it.  In my quest for hairlessness, I’ve gone to a lot of different places. I’d like to think I’m some what of an authority given my personal experience.  I will tell you, Queen Bee Salon and Spa, is the place to go for your waxing needs.  With Spring around the corner and Summer not far behind bathing suit season is almost upon us.  And lets face it razor burn is gross and au natural is not making a come back anytime soon.

 The owner and Queen Bee herself, Jodi Shays, is one of my favorite people.  Besides her expertise in hair removal, she is funny,  has a great sense of style, stocks fabulous products, and has a great staff.   I’ve contemplated laser but the thought of not having a reason to see Jodi is a deterrent in itself.  In addition to a fabulously charming Culver City location, Jodi has opened a second hive in Brentwood a stones throw from the country mart. This is now my go to location. While it lacks the cute outdoor patio found in the Culver location, I am still overcome with a sense of zen the moment I walk through the door.  

If you need more than my word, check out some of what the beauty experts have to say about the Queen Bee.