My Little Travel Tip

I’m married to a man who doesn’t believe in checking bags.  This means I have to be resourceful when it comes to packing.  Luckily I’ve learned how to adapt and consolidate my toiletries, etc.  One of my favorite finds are Almay’s oil-free make up eraser sticks.  Imagine a q-tip filled with make up remover.  You gently snap the top (there is a color ring), allow the remover to flow down filling the opposite tip, then remove the make up as needed.

No need to worry about raccoon eyes or even worse TSA nabbing your larger than 3oz bottle of eye make up remover.

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Show Me The Waze

We already know I’m a late bloomer. It is 2014 and I just started a blog.  What I’m about to profess my new found love for is not new, but thankfully it’s become a new addition to my life.  I’m talking about Waze.  If you don’t already use the Waze app you are depriving yourself of time.  Here are a few reasons why I love Waze.
– I made it to Bel Air from Santa Monica during rush hour in 32 minutes. It look me down streets I never knew existed.  The only warning was at one point I had to cross Sunset without a light.

– Driving down Lincoln to Washington is no longer something I do. Waze showed me another way and an added benefit was I saw an entirely new neighborhood.

– Before I drive somewhere, I know what I’m getting in to.   If there is traffic and it is going to take awhile, Waze knows.

Waze is more than a navigational service. I know how to get from my house to my office.  However, I still check with Waze every morning and evening before heading out so I know which route will get me there the fastest.

Is there an app you can’t live without? If so, fill me in.  In the meantime I hope your driving experience gets Waze better.