My Perfect Triathlon

Last weekend I got an email from Burn 60 and it said the following:


Join us for a neighborhood fitness event 
Saturday, July 19th 
2:00 – 4:30 pm
The Seven Stages of The Event
Stage 1. Meet at lululemon athletica in Brentwood at 1:45 pm
Stage 2. Run from lululemon athletica to Burn 60 Fitness Studios – 1.5 miles
Stage 3. Take a 30 minute Burn 60 class 
Stage 4. Run from Burn 60 to Orange Theory Fitness –1.1 miles
Stage 5. Take a 30 minute Orange Theory Fitness class . 
Stage 6. Run from Orange Theory Fitness to Brentwood Hot Yoga – .4 miles
Stage 7. End your workout with a restorative yoga practice at Brentwood Hot Yoga
I had no excuse not to sign up.  The kid is at camp and the husband is fine doing his own thing. I know I’m nuts but I can’t think of many things better than what was outlined above.  This is my idea of a DREAM afternoon.
I went and it was AWESOME.  The crew from Lululemon Brentwood is always so upbeat and positive.  Kris at Burn 60 led us through a challenging 30 minute class.  My experience at Orangetheory was even better than my first visit.  Brenden was fantastic and did a great job explaining everything and making sure we were using proper form.  The energy was great and the workout TOUGH.  Once I learned how to use the water rower I was gasping for air.
I can’t think of a better way to end then a stop at Brentwood Hot Yoga. I NEVER knew this place existed. It is a beautiful studio right off of San Vicente tucked away in a courtyard.  Lululemon generously had yoga mats in all colors waiting for us upon our arrival.  Along with the mats each of the sponsors threw in some swag – water bottles, towels, free classes, etc.  
I feel like I should have been paying for this and instead I was gifted with a fantastic workout, camaraderie with 20+ people I’d never seen before in my life, and some mementos to take home. I had to leave right after class but the fun continued back at Lululemon with a Juice Crafters tasting and a raffle for prizes.
The picture below is from the Lululemon FB page and is of me getting my butt kicked at Orangetheory. All Lululemon stores offer great classes at no charge. Like the store nearest you on FB and you’ll be kept in the loop. 
Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.11.29 PM

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